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Muchas Gracias
Winston, OR
Having lived in San Diego county for 6 years, I was quickly educated and spoiled by 24 hours of carne asada burrito. Nearly anywhere in the county, and north into L.A. as well, one would find a very inexpensive local secret. As you know these monsters are the best in the world.

Then I moved. It's now 8+ years later. I've attempted to find skirt steak in a burrito form again, but the nearest I ever found was in Sacremento, CA, and I am in Oregon. No fancy Mex/TexMex chains could come close. I think, maybe, they tried too hard.

Then, one day, I tried a place in Winston, OR, a few miles from where I live in Roseburg. It was new; a place called 'Muchas Gracias'. It had a familiar feel, though, and a bright red and yellow sign I had seen down south in S.D. so many years ago. On the menu at the end, was a dish called the 'flying saucer'. My heart skipped a beat. I was here with several of my family members I had bored stiff with stories of carne asada, and threats to drive clear to San Diego to show them what I meant. After all, the few converts I had here would make me bring ice chest loads of burritos when visiting way back when.

It had followed me to Oregon. These were 'bertos' carne asada, and I won't have to move back south after all.
- Scott Peterson
Taqueria Los Jalepenos
Bend, OR
My favorite taqueria is in Bend, Oregon, and it is called Taqueria Los Jalapenos. It is the best little shack in the whole world.
- Siamac Moghaddam

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